BOMA Greater Phoenix President Robert Vincent

BOMA Greater Phoenix President Robert Vincent shares his goals

Robert Vincent was elected President of the BOMA Council of Greater Phoenix in November of last year. He is with Cordia Capital Management based in El Segundo, California, and is an Asset Manager.

He has been involved with the BOMA Council here for many years and has his RPA certification. As a result, his vision is to expand and deepen the educational offerings of BOMA and towards this end initiated a “Lunch & Learn” quarterly educational series around topics that property managers and building vendors would mutually value last year.

His vision for 2019 is to help bring the local council to a higher level by reforming the committee structure of the organization and making it more responsive to the Board while breaking down silos between committees so they can work more collaboratively.  Other priorities include revamping the bylaws that have not been systematically reviewed for some years.

The organization has also made it a priority to review existing policies and procedures such as instituting an alcohol policy for events and has eliminated the waiting list for vendors to join. Speaking of membership which is up more than 20 percent from same time last year, Vincent and has put an emphasis on recruiting building engineers to the organization.

The organization is also much more active at the State Capitol and has re-established a lobbying presence to protect building owner bottom lines.

Finally, the organization will be adding a major new networking event this summer called Casino Night to be held Friday, July 26, at the Westin Kierland Resort.

MadridMedia sat down with Vincent to ask him more about his vision and insights about the commercial real estate industry in Metro Phoenix.

Q: What has been (or going to be) your biggest challenge this year as President?

A: I see one of our biggest challenges for 2019 is continued growth for the organization. In order to curtail that, we will need to deliver sustainable and relevant educational programs and content to our membership. We have to execute and deliver a polished product and keep membership engaged.

Q: Do you foresee a 2-year term?

A: I do. I think you need one year to steer the ship on course and the second year to truly execute the mission.

Q: What are some ideas/changes you are bringing to BOMA Phoenix?

A: For 2019, we are overhauling our entire committee structure to enhance communication and to retrieve real time information from all 12 of our committees. We will also be launching a new Alcohol Policy and bringing impactful speakers to our luncheons.

Q: What is your secret weapon for leadership?

A: Consistency. In order to effectively lead, you must be consistent and clear with your objectives. I believe that once consistency is established, your audience will know where you are going and where you are taking them. This is what I like to call “GSD” – getting stuff done.

Q: What is your background?

A: I have a strong mechanical background. I was a diesel and A/C mechanic for 10 years in a prior life and was able to apply those skill sets directly to property management. I do have a tendency to always be fixing something. Whether it’s a child’s bike at home or an emergency at a property, I am always engaged with my personal and professional life. I feel compelled to learn from others and constantly searching for long-term solutions.

Q: How do you impact the next generation of commercial real estate professionals?

A: We have to capture the next generation of industry professionals – period. I think it is essential to attract the next generation with relevant programming and mentorship.

Q: What can membership expect from the board this year?

A: I think that membership can expect transparency and action by the Board in 2019. We have a very diverse group of industry professionals who want to make an impactful difference for this organization.

Q: What legacy do you want to leave behind?

A: I want my legacy to be a term of meaningful change and revitalization. I want to bring fresh ideas and be strategic on how we grow this prestigious organization. I want to leave behind my best and want to learn from the best.

Q: What do you like to do in your down time?

A: I enjoy watching Marvel movies with my wife and three beautiful girls. I also enjoy working in the garage and rebuilding my 1967 VW Bug.