A screen shot of the ERX platform, displaying details and site overview.

     GILBERT, ARIZ.  (Oct. 11, 2022) – The success of a proprietary program employed by environmental compliance consulting firm Earthworks Environmental has led to the formation of a new company, ERX Industries.

For the past 8 years, Earthworks Environmental has employed ERX, an environmental reporting software program that puts all aspects of environmental compliance into one program. This includes permits, inspections, and maps.


Cherie Koester

“ERX is the software program we created to house all of our inspections for our clients; it takes what used to be done on carbon copy paper and creates a more manageable electronic format,” said Cherie Koester, CEO of Earthworks Environmental and sole owner and CEO of ERX Industries.

“The ease of use for both Earthworks’ compliance managers (inspectors) and the client (land developers, superintendents, trades, regulators, etc.) is exponential.  The feedback we have been given by our clients and the regulatory community has been astounding.”

Koester said one of the largest national homebuilders in the U.S. purchased a license for its own use throughout all of its national locations.

“We will be assisting them to get our program into their in-house system and continue to help manage and update the program as well,” she added.

ERX was developed for large-scale national builders based on their feedback of what they wanted and needed, Koester said. It is user-friendly for consultants, builders, and regulators. It is customizable to specific projects, builders, and states. Builders and stormwater experts created it.

Earthworks Environmental currently has approximately 2,400 active users nationally in ERX. It is available as a subscription base or license purchased, Koester said.

     “ERX is a great tool for a variety of reasons. It provides the ability for proposal requests, corrective actions are labeled and numbered, it features a regulator button that allows everyone associated with that site to get notifications, it is customizable according to region and city regulatory requirements, and inspection forms take less time to fill out for inspectors,” Koester said.

ERX also provides a digital rain log that each morning sends inspectors an email telling them where rain inspections are required. It replaces an actual rain gauge on-site. Digital maps and editing allow a project to be viewed remotely via a live map.

Other features include customizable templates for inspection reports, tracking and managing action items noted during an inspection, and an alert and notification system for overdue items.

“With ERX, you can add as many users as needed with ability to manage user access and roles. All documents and data are accessible online from any device. ERX provides secure and reliable records retention, which meet regulatory requirements,” Koester said.

Earthworks Environmental boasts 61 employees nationwide with work performed in 24 markets. It consults on more than 1,500 permits nationally.

Services provided include stormwater pollution prevention, dust control, and construction safety compliances. The firm primarily serves land developers, vertical developers, commercial construction, and land-holding companies.

To learn more about Earthworks Environmental visit earthworksenv.com.