PHOENIX, ARIZONA (February 5, 2018) – The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) celebrated its 85th year as a leader in the real estate industry with an evolved brand position and a fresh new look to reflect its future initiatives.

IREM is an international organization of 20,000 individuals whose goal is to advance the profession of real estate management through training, professional development, and collaboration.

The Greater Phoenix Chapter of IREM comprises more than 280 professional commercial and residential real estate managers. The chapter supports its members through mentoring, career support (IREM education courses are nationally and internationally recognized and offer designations and certifications for all levels of property management), scholarships, and networking events and speakers.

IREM offers monthly events at which members can meet and network. The local chapter also brings in speakers who share their expertise and insight on various topics.

“We are very excited to implement our new brand initiative and positioning,” said Genna Goldberg, CPM, Senior Property Manager with The Muller Company in Phoenix. “We think it communicates IREM’s unique value and boosts our members’ ability to compete in a changing marketplace.

“The goal is to be globally recognized as a go-to resource for both residential and commercial real estate management, and for those who hold IREM credentials to be sought out for their expertise and professional ethics,” Goldberg said.

The goal of IREM’s rebranding was to honor its long history and also demonstrate that IREM is a champion of the real estate management industry, supporting professionals through all stages of their careers – from college students to young professionals to industry veterans.

“The goal of this rebrand was really two-fold,” said J. Benjamin McGrew, CPM, CCIM, 2018 IREM President of FiduciaryWest in Reno, Nevada. “One, we wanted to differentiate and reposition IREM’s image in the marketplace. We feel we have a unique value proposition that separates us from others in the industry – helping property and asset managers grow and advance throughout their entire careers through training, development, and collaboration.

“Second, we really wanted to optimize the IREM brand to appeal to young professionals. We know that our profession is aging, and we want to attract young professionals and millennials, and show that real estate management is a worthwhile and rewarding career choice. We want to inspire pride in our field.”

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