Kensington Vanguard National Land Services opened an Arizona office with the hiring of (left to right) Nicole Marucci and Carol Rieger, two of the Valley and state’s leading commercial title insurance executives.

     SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (June 22, 2020) – Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, one of the largest independent, full-service title insurance agencies in the country, is expanding into Arizona and has hired Carol Rieger and Nicole Marucci, two of the Valley and state’s leading commercial title insurance executives.

The expansion in Arizona follows Kensington Vanguard’s entrance into the market with the acquisition of GRS Title earlier this year.

Over the course of her 25-year career in commercial real estate, Rieger has established herself as one of the most well-respected commercial escrow officers in the Arizona market. She has managed numerous offices with a focus on both business development and the servicing of complex commercial transactions. Rieger joins the firm as Vice President and Senior Commercial Escrow Officer and will co-manage the Phoenix branch.

After years of experience in business development and title insurance underwriting roles in Metro Washington, D.C., Marucci returned home to Phoenix last year. As Vice President of Business Development & Underwriting Counsel, Marucci will be managing client relationships and concentrating on growth initiatives within the market.

“Nicole and I are thrilled to be joining such a prestigious firm and are excited to offer expanded services through Kensington Vanguard’s national platform, relationships and presence,” Rieger said.

“Carol and Nicole will add significant depth and talent to our already strong local team and establish KV as one of the leaders in the Arizona commercial title insurance space. We’re committed to continued growth in this market,” said Brian Cooper, Co-CEO of Kensington Vanguard.

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services is headquartered in New York City. It has offices in Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia and Texas. It is one of the largest full-service national title insurance and settlement agencies in the U.S. Founded in 2002, Kensington Vanguard provides commercial and residential title insurance, settlement, escrow and 1031 exchange services. After a strategic investment by $30Bn private equity firm Stone Point Capital in 2016, Kensington Vanguard has continued to be a consolidator driven by industry leadership and financial strength.

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services operates three divisions:

* Commercial Division is a market leader in handling the largest and most complex commercial real estate transactions in the marketplace, servicing a prominent and diversified clientele consisting of property owners, developers, REITs, private equity funds, law firms, family offices and institutional lenders.

* Residential Division provides title and settlement services for residential purchases and refinances driven by realtors, attorneys and both regional and national mortgage originators. Approved as a preferred vendor for leading financial institutions, this division’s technology and operating model drive the highest quality execution and service.

* 1031 Exchange Services Division, operating under the brand Legal 1031 Exchange, employs seasoned experts, attorneys and Certified Exchange Specialists. This subsidiary provides clients and their advisors with unparalleled IRC §1031 qualified intermediary services, enabling them to preserve wealth and achieve their business goals through the deferral of the capital gains tax they would recognize upon the sale of their investment property.

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