PHOENIX, ARIZONA (November, 25, 2019) – NAI Horizon partnered with of Nathan & Associates to sell the former 5,000 SF bank building and 4.3-acre site on which it sits in the Town of Wickenburg.

The site, located at 1980 Wickenburg Way, will house the new police headquarters and communication center for the growing town 65 miles northwest of Phoenix.

The accompanying land will be developed for other town services.

NAI Horizon represented Vulture Peak Properties Limited Inc. of Phoenix in the sale totaling $1 million. NAI Horizon Vice President Troy Giammarco and Associate Joe Pequeno and Sean Gillespie with Nathan & Associates brokered the sale on behalf of the seller.

“We are very excited to acquire this great property that will provide increased public safety to our growing community,” said Vince Lorefice, Wickenburg Town Manager. “Our experience with NAI and Nathan & Associates through the process was great.”

The Town of Wickenburg represented itself.

“Vince and the team at the Town of Wickenburg were thorough and conscientious, keeping the residents’ needs first and foremost in their decision to move forward creating a win-win for all parties involved,” Giammarco said.