The Phoenix West Commercial Mastracci family includes (left to right) ELi Mastracci, CCIM, Principal/Senior Associate; Joey Mastracci; Bobbie Mastracci, CCIM, SIOR; and Giuseppe Mastracci, Marketing Director. (Photo by Sarah Hoag)

      GOODYEAR, ARIZONA (Sept. 28, 2022) – Just as the West Valley has experienced growth with a keen eye toward the future, so has Phoenix West Commercial, a family-run, full-service real estate brokerage firm celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Leading the firm is Principal and Designated Broker Bobbie Lorraine Mastracci, CCIM, SIOR. Prior to founding Phoenix West Commercial in 2012, she established her reputation in the West Valley as well as nationally with the prestigious CCIM Institute, SIOR, the West Valley Commercial Real Estate Group (which she co-founded) and Don Bennett & Associates, where she began her career.

    Since 2006, Mastracci has completed lease and sale transactions with clients in Arizona, across the U.S., Canada, and internationally exceeding $200 million in value and more than 17 million SF of land and improved properties. She added that approximately 93 percent of her business is repeat and referrals.

“What makes me proud looking back at the past 10 years is the company’s integrity and how we have enhanced the community,” Mastracci said. “The company culture is genuinely working for the client, not for our paycheck. When the pandemic hit, we contacted clients and business owners to see how they were doing. Did they need help with the PPP loan process or getting in touch with a financial institution that would help them. If you take care of your people and your clients come first, it circles back to you in a huge way.”

After longtime Valley real estate veteran Don Bennett passed away, Mastracci pursued other brokerage opportunities then founded Phoenix West Commercial. It is now a family business with sons ELi Mastracci, CCIM, Principal/Senior Associate, and Giuseppe Mastracci, Marketing Director; and husband and father Joey Mastracci, who handles the company’s finances.

“I interviewed with other brokerage firms but they didn’t offer what I wanted,” Bobbie Mastracci recalled. “So, I started my own company. It was very exciting. Challenging, but very exciting.”

With a focus on the West Valley, the Phoenix West Commercial office grew to about 13 brokers by 2017. The firm expanded its services to Metro Phoenix, Yuma, Flagstaff and Casa Grande.

ELi Mastracci joined the company in 2018 as an unlicensed assistant and marketing director. He began taking real estate classes at 18, working under the tutelage of his mother. He earned the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation at 20, the youngest to be pinned to date.

“Working in a family business and working with mom has been a great learning experience,” ELi Mastracci said. “There is a comfort and familiarity you’ve known all your life. But I’m still expected to pull my own weight. She has helped me with difficult deals and has helped me work through problems. I don’t get special treatment.”

Giuseppe Mastracci joins the team next year as an agent. He currently handles Phoenix West Commercial marketing efforts.

“Looking ahead to the next 10 years, I see my boys running the brokerage and expanding it,” Bobbie Mastracci said. “We would like to take brokerage to the next level. We would like to also expand our commercial real estate portfolio and buy additional commercial real estate to build our wealth that way.”

Added ELi Mastracci: “The goal is not just to be a broker, but to be a principal. Being a landlord lets us experience the other side of the coin. It is your money at risk now.”

While Phoenix West Commercial will always be a home for West Valley brokerage and brokers, ELi Mastracci said he would like to see the company also have an East Valley footprint.

“Our strategy from the start was to concentrate on the West Valley,” Bobbie Mastracci said. “There was a time when no one would come out to the West Valley to make a deal. Now, everyone is coming here so we are running out of inventory. The adage ‘Go West, Young Man’ holds true.”

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