PHOENIX (March 29, 2017) – The Board of Visitors Ryan House, a Phoenix-based non-profit and leader in pediatric palliative care, announced today that it’s celebrating its seventh anniversary of serving Arizona’s most medically fragile children and their families including respite care, palliative care, end-of-life care, child life and bereavement.

The first of its kind Arizona and one of only two in the country, Ryan House is more than a facility; it is an innovative concept with programs and services at the forefront of pediatric palliative care.

Relying 100% on philanthropic donations, Ryan House represents the best in health care for children with special medical needs and their families. The care delivered is coordinated, compassionate, patient-centered and provides a continuum of care throughout the trajectory of a child’s condition.

The care is also cost effective and prevents costly visits to the emergency room for respite and pain management. Like adult palliative care, pediatric palliative care lowers overall expenditures. Ryan House and like-home in California, George Mark, have yet to be recognized by the healthcare system.

“As Ryan House celebrates its seventh year with open doors and open hearts, we are proud to be a national leader in pediatric palliative care,” said Ryan House Executive Director Alyssa Crockett. “Our vision is to create a sustainable model for other states to replicate.”

Despite how integral the care is to families and the cost effective model the care is not being reimbursed.

“We will continue to fight until every state in the U.S. has a pediatric care facility like Ryan House,” Crockett said. “Every child in the U.S. should be able to access this care, not just children in Arizona and California.”

Ryan House is a home built by love. A home that the community has embraced for seven years. Ryan House will continue its mission to provide world-class care and programs and embrace all children and their families as they navigate life-limiting or end of life journeys.


“Ryan House will continue to pioneer and fight for a model of care that our country so desperately needs and our children so desperately deserve,” she said. “We will also continue to provide joy to these children and unsurpassed care and programs that ensures they are living their best life possible.”