Corina Burton of Unstoppable Media

     GILBERT, ARIZ.  (Sept. 20, 2022) – Less than a year after launching a new company, you might say Corina Burton is now Unstoppable.

Unstoppable Media teaches people how to develop an unstoppable mindset and success in business and life. Founded in December 2021, Unstoppable features a podcast hosted by Burton, a Valley-based branding and marketing expert.

“We provide business/branding/marketing/sales mentoring and coaching programs. We teach how to build authentic brands using their stories and why in business, while scaling their growth and improving company culture by using their brand mission as the foundation,” said Burton, Unstoppable Media Owner/CEO. “We also have created journals, workbooks, 4 Pillars to Unstoppable Success, that are unique to the market to manifest and create your dreams into reality. The more a person feels fulfilled, the better their performance is professional.

“We are so much more than a service or product; we are here to make an impactful difference in our community, near and far. We believe Unstoppable is meant for anyone who wants to overcome their current circumstances, lack, and difficulties and put in the work necessary to succeed. Unstoppable was created to break stereotypes and glass ceilings we even create for ourselves with self-doubt and generational teachings that have held us back. With an aligned mindset and actionable goals, we believe that anyone can become unstoppable in life and business.”

Unstoppable Media is hosting an event titled “The Unstoppable Experience,” on November 5, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at The Forum, 2301 S. Stearman Drive, #4, in Chandler, Arizona. It is designed for anyone who is ready to level up, scale growth, say no to doubt, fear and achieve more personally and professionally, Burton said.

The theme is building an unstoppable foundation by breaking down barriers that can be overcome with the right mindset and achieving the success of abundance people desire in their professional lives, Burton said. Attendees will learn how successful business owners scale their companies, practices and proven strategies to overcome roadblocks, and improve profitable growth annually.

“The Unstoppable Experience speakers will be breaking down everything you really need to know about building wealth, abundance mindset, and ultimate happiness, in business and personal,” Burton said.

The keynote speaker is Weldon Long, a New York Times best-selling author | CEO | mindset and sales expert. Other speakers include Ken Patel, Founder | Chairman, EV Hotel and a Top 50 Worldwide Most Influential Leader; Ricardo Regalado, CEO | Founder, Route and Rozalado, Fund Latinos Founders, Inc.; Diana Muturia, Founder, Clyn, app developer; and Mai Vu, Co-Founder, Elevation Restoration.

“You will learn from our keynote speaker what happened in Weldon’s life and how he used those experiences to take his business from zero to $20 million in 5 years,” Burton said.

Speaker sessions will include the following topics: the power of consistency;

creating an authentic brand, how It can change your business foundation; change the narrative for sales, learn proven strategies for enhancing Growth; develop an unstoppable mindset in business and life and become powerful; how to jump into entrepreneurship; and learn how to grow from local brand to a national franchise.

“Your circumstances, difficulties, or lack do not define your future, what you choose and how to overcome them does,” Burton said. “So many of us want to just jump into changing our lives, our professional opportunities, companies and want to acquire financial abundance without doing the real work or we believe that personal trauma/wounds/negative beliefs are separate from business. The reality is, that is so far from the truth.

“Who we are in business is who we ultimately are personally. Heal the foundation of you and become unstoppable,” Burton said.

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