Redline Quality Cars has moved from renting a 4,000 SF space into owning its new, 6,000 SF home on 7829 N. 68th Ave., in Glendale, giving it much more room to work on and store vehicles that are being repaired. Owner Ivan Guzman (above) fulfilled the need for additional space, additional employees, and more shop space, thanks to an SBA 504 loan from Phoenix-based CDC Small Business Finance

    PHOENIX, ARIZ. (May 15, 2023) – Ivan Guzman had leased his commercial auto body shop space for nearly 10 years – until he was notified that a group of investors purchased the property.

Guzman’s family has been in this industry for three generations. Redline Quality Cars opened in that location when he was 22 years old. Their lease agreement had expired and was month-to-month. The amount of space was no longer suitable either. Guzman had to make a big decision about the future of his business.

Not only did he have to think about whether to stay or move, but also about whether to continue leasing or take the next step and purchase property for his business.

“It was not easy,” Guzman said. “My family and I came together and decided to pursue purchasing commercial real estate, rather than sign a new lease with a new landlord. My grandfather had a body shop that he ran for many years. My father continued the legacy. And now it’s me, hoping to take it to another level by purchasing our own building.”

To move his business forward, Guzman not only needed to find a new location — but he also needed to find the right lender to help.

     Guzman and his bank were referred to Belinda Rosthenhausler, vice president and commercial lender for CDC Small Business Finance in Arizona and Nevada. The mission-driven organization, headquartered in California with an office in Phoenix, specializes in SBA 504 commercial real estate loans and is the No. 1 SBA 504 lender in the country.

The SBA 504 commercial real estate loan is often the preferred financing product for small business owners looking to purchase real estate for their business. Entrepreneurs can obtain long-term, fixed-rate financing for a variety of projects. Whether a business owner is buying a warehouse to help expand their business or looking to shift from leasing to ownership, the 504 loan is a valuable option and smart addition to their business strategy.

“We are here to help small business operators with reaching their goal of real estate ownership,” Rosthenhausler said. “SBA 504 loans are the program that makes the most sense when a business owner is considering purchasing commercial real estate.”

Guzman was able to have a 10 percent down payment through the SBA 504 loan program rather than the minimum of 25 percent that would have been required from traditional lending sources. His preparation for the borrowing process was key.

“Ivan provided the tax returns and financials required for an SBA loan request, and I worked with his CPA compiling the information needed. Business owners should have a good bookkeeper or CPA providing financials throughout the year,” Rosthenhausler said. “We recommend prequalifying before entering a purchase contract, since timing is tight and inventory remains low. Sellers want to see that a buyer has secured financing prior to executing a purchase contract. Ivan was prepared for the loan request, and his CPA had everything in order.”

Over the past several years, Redline Quality Cars had seen increased business thanks to several new accounts with local auto dealerships, as well as referrals from insurance companies. But business operations had hit maximum capacity due to the size of their building; they’d been forced to turn away some customers.

The change in building ownership provided Guzman and his family with the extra nudge they needed. Redline Quality Cars has moved from renting a 4,000 SF space into owning its new, 6,000 SF home on 7829 N. 68th Ave., in Glendale, giving it much more room to work on and store vehicles that are being repaired. That includes installing a paint booth, an essential tool for repairing vehicles that have been damaged in collisions.

“Belinda and her team were great in assisting us through the loan process,” Guzman said. “They helped us with the building purchase, plus improvements and equipment needed.”

Guzman was able to retain four full-time equivalent positions and, with more room now to help more customers, said he can add another three positions over the next two years.

“This has to be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments that I have experienced in my 31 years,” Guzman said. “My family, co-workers, and friends were all very proud of what had just taken place. We had not thought about purchasing in the past, but the thought of closing the shop because we didn’t have a new location was out of the picture.

“My whole life has been related to my field of work and has defined me,” he added. “I know what it takes to be a master technician, and now I know what it takes to own a more functional building.”

The SBA 504 loan structure continues to be in high demand, despite rising interest rates. The 25-year fixed interest rate option provides a controlled budget for business owners who are seeing lease rates continue to climb.

CDC Small Business Finance continues to be an economic development leader as an SBA 504 lender, with 26 loans in the Arizona district totaling $18.56 million for the period from October 2022 through March 2023.

Among the businesses Rosthenhausler and her colleagues have supported are a company that provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to elderly patients; an artificial turf installation company; and a corporate audit services firm.

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