AZSA 2021 President Diane Gibson

      PHOENIX, ARIZ. (Oct. 20, 2020) – Arizona Self-Storage Association (AZSA), the trade association that represents the self-storage industry in Arizona, recently announced new leadership and two new board members for 2021.

AZSA’s new leadership comprises Diane Gibson, Cox Armored Mini Storage Management, President; Jeff Gorden, Eagle Commercial Realty Services, Vice President; Martin Lorch, BPI Capital Management, Treasurer; and Anne Mari DeCoster, Storelocal, Secretary.

“Heading this association for the next few years is certainly an honor that comes with great responsibility,” Gibson said. “AZSA is and has been known as one of the elite state associations so it’s important for myself and the current board of directors to keep that going. We continue to find board members who give of their time and knowledge to give every operator in Arizona the tools necessary to run their facilities with our standardized best practices.

Alonna Ross

“We are continuing to push ourselves to find ways to connect with our members during this challenging time to ensure our message is still getting out and we continue to help those in need of our assistance,” Gibson said.

New members on the board of directors for 2021 are Alonna Ross,; and DeCoster. Returning board members:

Bill Alter, Rein & Grossoehme Commercial Real Estate; James Appleton, MiniCo Insurance Agency; Poppy Behrens, Conference Chair; David Brown, Wentworth Property Company; Matthew Hall, Stadium Properties; Korey Hanson, Professional Self Storage Management; Whitney Jurjevich, owner/operator; Andrew Kelly, owner/operator; Dave King, Wentworth Property Company; Richard Marmor, legal/legislator chair; Ray McRae, Arizona Mini Storage Management Company; Carol Mixon Krendl, education chair, SkilCheck Services; Belinda Rosthenhausler, CDC Small Business Finance; Chris Rudel, The Rudel Company; and Tarik Williams.

Anne Mari DeCoster

The new leadership also includes naming Amy Amideo as Interim Executive Director; she joins AZSA from the business finance industry.

“I have been entrusted with such an amazing legacy and will work diligently to maintain the high-quality standards and innovative ideas that AZSA has come to represent,” Amideo said. “I’m honored to be part of such a wonderful industry. The members have been so welcoming. The work we will do on legislative issues affecting the industry will be indicative of the collaboration within the group.”

AZSA boasts more than 600 facilities in the association owned by approximately 300 owner/operators as well as more than 100 associate members who are both local and national vendors to the self-storage industry.

AZSA holds numerous events, including live and virtual (webinar) educational offerings and networking opportunities.

 About AZSA

Founded in 1996, the Arizona Self-Storage Association was created to strengthen the self-storage industry in Arizona, promote professional standards and quality, and present a unified voice on issues affecting the industry in the state and in its communities. AZSA continues that mission today with approximately 700 facility and vendor members and 300 owners. AZSA works to add and refine services which benefit it members. These services include legislative watch, legal resources, communications, facility and vendor search, educational events and networking and the AZSA Self-Storage Conference & Trade Show.  For more information visit