Foreground (l to r) Vice President Paul Devers and Founder Sherman Cawley. Background (l to r) new Partners Rafael Macias, Kevin Fawcett, David Fulk and Lynette Dreitz. (Photo courtesy of Shell Photographics).

     PHOENIX, ARIZ.  (May 7, 2019) – Looking to continue building connections through design expertise and industry leadership, Cawley Architects is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the naming of four new partners.

For the past quarter of a century, Cawley has been one of the most prolific architectural firms in the Valley. Over that time, it has applied its unique collaborative approach to create almost 800 structures of superior form, function and value.

“It’s been our privilege to participate in some of the top commercial projects throughout the Valley with an exceptional group of clients, contractors and design professionals,” said Sherman Cawley, founder of the company. “Along with my partner Paul Devers, we have built an exceptional team and have been fortunate to win many honors, awards, and accolades.  Our employees are our most important asset.”

“As we celebrate our first 25 years in business and numerous successes in the community, Paul and I are pleased to share the most exciting celebration of all, announcing four new partners who will guide this company into the next 25 years,” Cawley said.

Cawley Architect’s new partners:

>> Lynette Dreitz is Director of Finance and Administration. She oversees the firm’s financial and office administrative functions including financial reporting, cash management, billing, human resources and payroll.  She has been with Cawley since 2013.

>> Kevin Fawcett is Project Director and joined Cawley in 2013. He is responsible for overseeing the design and production of projects, negotiating with the various municipalities, assisting the principals in managing the office and expanding the firm’s client base.

>> David Fulk is Project Director and responsible for initiating the design and programming of Cawley projects. He has been with the firm since 2016. Fulk is also responsible for coordinating and expanding the relationship with Cawley clients.

>> Rafael Macias is Director of Construction Administration and Quality Assurance. He oversees the coordination and confirmation of each drawing package the office produces. His duties also include mentoring, maintaining and improving Cawley’s construction documentation process. He has been with Cawley since 2014.

“Over the years Paul and I have invested time, effort and creativity to provide the resources and mentoring necessary for our staff to grow and succeed,” Cawley said. “With their dedication, attention to detail and exceptional leadership, I know that the legacy we have created will continue to grow and prosper.

“Each new partner brings their unique set of skills to those that we developed and fostered during the first 25 years. As we transition into new areas of responsibilities, Paul and I know that Lynette, Kevin, David and Rafael will continue to promote our values, high standards and exemplary customer service,” Cawley said.

About Cawley Architects

With almost 800 high-value projects in our portfolio, Cawley Architects is one of the most prolific architectural firms in Arizona. For 25 years, we have been applying our uniquely collaborative approach to project management in order to create buildings of superior form, function and value. During that time, it has been our privilege to participate in some of the top commercial projects throughout the Valley along with an exceptional group of clients, contractors, and design professionals. We are knowledgeable in the specialized architectural requirements, technologies and trends of many building types. This includes: Industrial, Healthcare, Bioscience, Restaurant, Education, Entertainment, Office, Commercial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Distribution, Aerospace, Retail and Tenant Improvement. From small neighborhood bistros to large biotech laboratories, we have the expertise, resources, and connections to serve your needs and execute your plan — and provide you with unsurpassed value.