GILBERT, ARIZ.  (June 26, 2023) – One year shy of its 10th anniversary, environmental compliance consulting firm Earthworks Environmental has much to celebrate halfway through 2023.

In February it opened a new division in Nashville, Tennessee; in April it opened a new division in Atlanta, Georgia. Earthworks Environmental also upgraded its proprietary environmental management software program ERX, which earlier this year led to the formation of a new company, ERX Industries.

The numbers for Earthworks Environmental are impressive: it now operates in 31 U.S. markets in 20 states and totals more than 900 projects across the country.

“It’s amazing to watch how we have grown organically in 9 years,” said Cherie Koester, CEO of Earthworks Environmental and sole owner and CEO of ERX Industries. “As we look ahead to 2024 and our 10th anniversary, we are eyeing expansion into South Carolina and North Carolina.

“The release of ERX 3.0 is also cause for celebration,” Koester said. “The updated version is making environmental management so much easier for the builders.”

The updated version of ERX offers several new features.

Cherie Koester

It has the ability on maps to draw lines, polygons, and points on inspection reports to show deficiencies on projects. The map automatically zooms to the site’s latitudes and longitudes with the ability to use the current location to mark the deficiency.

The trades use deficiency maps to locate each item that needs to be fixed on the inspection reports. It also makes it easy to identify where fixes must be performed on-site, especially for the land development phase where no lots exist.

With regulatory inspections, the new version of ERX creates new entries for either dust or stormwater PPP for the agency that performed the inspection. It includes the date and time of the inspection.

“This is basically regulatory tracking, where builders can keep a record when their site gets visited by a regulator or has a schedule inspection and to prepare for it,” Koester explained. “The builders can use this data to keep track of how often they are visited by a regulator and what the regulator writes up about the site. It also ensures keeping track of this data in the long run.”

For the past 9 years, Earthworks Environmental has employed ERX, which puts all aspects of environmental compliance into one program. This includes permits, inspections, and maps.

Services provided by Earthworks Environmental include stormwater pollution prevention, dust control, and construction safety compliances. The firm primarily serves land developers, vertical developers, commercial construction, and land-holding companies.

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