The Industry includes (left to right): Gilbert Romero, Tawnya Peirce, Daniel Mazzon, Emily Mehta, and Lisa Mailliard.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (May 9, 2023) ‒ Daniel Mazzon, President of Mazzon Industries, is pleased to announce a fifth partnership today – The Industry.

Composed of mentors and managers, The Industry is an exclusive group of influential commercial real estate management professionals who have been brought together to inspire, educate, and guide the next generation of leaders in order to make the market and those involved in it grow and progress.

Featuring signature mentor speaking events, unique social experiences, and unmatched networking resources, members of The Industry will tap into an environment that, to date, has not existed in the Phoenix market. Led by some of the most influential commercial real estate professionals, The Industry’s membership roster will include more than 90 percent property management specialists, stretching across a diverse set of skills and aspects within the commercial real estate industry.

     “Every mentor in The Industry has been hand-picked for a reason, but they all share one common trait: the ability to influence professionals to further develop in their careers,” Mazzon said. “If I’m going to represent the best-in-class service providers that the market has to offer, I believe managers should have access to the best-in-class mentors.”

Mazzon Industries will launch The Industry in June for those interested and accepted to become members. Invitations for The Industry will be released starting on May 15.

Mazzon Industries is a commercial real estate sales and account management firm that represents only one premier service provider in each line of service and gives property managers the ability to have one point of contact in order to streamline success across the portfolio of assets they manage. It represents the top companies in Arizona in restoration, janitorial, parking, and fire protection.

“By adding The Industry, I hope to break the mold and aim to move the industry in a more positive direction,” Mazzon said. “By the end of 2023, I will represent all of the best-in-class service providers needed at an asset and customize platforms to meet that asset’s needs.

“It is imperative to streamline exceptional service providers across a portfolio of assets to ensure consistency and results. Whether you’re a property owner, manager, engineer, tenant, or visitor, this is a progressive action where everyone wins,” Mazzon said.

To find out more regarding eligibility to join this new platform, email Mazzon at

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