SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (April 8, 2024) – What if a property management company could manage, grow, and perform up to three times faster by utilizing superior talents, systems, and service providers, and have it all within budget?

Something needs to change. Now it can. Introducing Ally by Mazzon Industries.

Ally is a vendor concierge service that enhances a property management company’s ability to manage, grow, and perform across the portfolio of buildings they oversee. An Ally is a premier commercial real estate professional designated to oversee 100 percent of its property management clients’ vendors.

     Property management companies can now have a singular point of contact for everything vendor-related, not the 30 that change at every asset. After numerous field tests, An Ally can manage vendors up to three times faster than the current model in place. Ally oversees commercial office, retail, industrial, and medical properties.

“For vendors, an Ally would now become their direct point of contact for all the buildings they service. Between property management companies and service providers, Ally saves the most valuable asset in the business for results – time,” said Mazzon Industries President Daniel Mazzon. “Crisis brings opportunity. In commercial real estate, it’s not just building owners that are getting hit hard with occupancy levels.”

For property management companies, hiring and retaining exceptional property managers is extremely difficult in today’s market. Property manager salary gaps are near 100 percent for identical positions, employment is a revolving door, and the fear of manager resignations can’t be cured with better snacks in the break room, Mazzon explains.

An Ally comes from a property management background with a proven track record as a top performer in the market. A property management company can now have a market-leading Ally represent them for a reasonable cost. How is this possible?

An Ally utilizes the Mazzon Vendor Management System, which is built to scale management portfolios, increase service levels, and save property managers  time. From there, the property management company delivers the results Ally gathers to the tenants and building ownership.

Since Ally is now the one communicating with all vendors via phone and email, they are the ones streamlining the following back to property management to ensure effective results for tenants and ownership:

  • Site visits
  • Reporting
  • COIs
  • Building Emergencies
  • Invoices

An Ally’s time is spent at the various properties they oversee for their property management client. Ally is offered in three tiers based on experience in the industry – Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Ally also comes in three contract types depending on its client needs – Dedicated, Portfolio, and Split.

To find out more about Ally, contact Mazzon at