Since founding Mazzon Industries in late January, Daniel Mazzon has acquired more than 10 million square feet of service contracts at commercial real estate assets across the Valley.

    SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (Nov. 29, 2023) – One of the hardest parts of playing chess is predicting your opponent’s next move. For the past 10 months, many in the market are still trying to figure out Daniel Mazzon’s first move.

If the competition continues to make the same move time and time again, it’s simple to develop a strategy to not only win, but no longer make them an opponent.

“Maybe, while they are lost in the fog making the status quo move, you could change the game so the next time they step to the table, they won’t know how to play. I’m not here to hand out the best cookies. I’m here to deliver building ownership and management the solutions to save time, increase occupancy, and produce a cash flow operation,” Mazzon said.

Since founding Mazzon Industries in late January, Mazzon has acquired more than 10 million square feet of service contracts at commercial real estate assets across the Valley. This has vaulted him as the No. 1 producer of vendor contract sales in Arizona.

The Mazzon Industries portfolio currently comprises 40 percent office, 35 percent industrial, and 25 percent retail properties. The question the market and his competitors keep asking is, “What exactly does he do and how does he do it?”

Buoyed by his acquisitions, Mazzon has become a force in business development among commercial real estate service providers. Mazzon is the sales representative for Restoration HQ, ACE Building Maintenance, Elevate Parking, Next Protection, and Starkweather Roofing. By representing five premier brands, Mazzon is responsible for growing each client across Arizona to help their clients.

With the number of clients Mazzon serves, many sales reps would ask how one person sells for five of the top brands in the market when most reps fail at selling for one.

“Most reps sell a service. I offer a system,” Mazzon said. “My competitors in each industry go to one building and sell one thing. I go to one lunch and offer five solutions based on their needs. In one week, they booked five meetings and I booked 50. I’m not a one-stop shop or a jack of all trades as my clients are the experts.

“On both ends of this business, companies are concerned about retaining talent. I don’t plan on leaving soon, so the fear of loss goes out the window,” Mazzon said.

This year Restoration HQ has grown by 10 percent; Ace Janitorial had the best Q4 in sales being a privately owned janitorial company in Arizona; Elevate Parking has taken the throne as the largest commercial managed parking provider in Arizona; Next Protection is No. 1 in Ranking Arizona among fire protection firms in Arizona; and with Starkweather Roofing as the newest client of  Mazzon Industries, 2024 is shaping up to its best year yet.

“I’m grateful for each one of my clients,” Mazzon said. “They all have one expectation level – and the expectation level is high. It’s the same they require from their staff to implement exceptional service for their clients.”

What’s Mazzon’s next move?

“Something bigger than what has already been done. It’s about to happen,” he said.

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