Culdesac Tempe, 2025 E. Apache Blvd., spans 17 acres and features 44 modern apartment units and almost 24,000 SF of retail space.

PHOENIX – Wespac Construction is pleased to announce it has completed work on three mixed-use buildings at Culdesac Tempe, the first car-free neighborhood of its kind in the U.S. This visionary development redefines community living with its pedestrian-friendly design and sustainable principles.

Culdesac Tempe, 2025 E. Apache Blvd., spans 17 acres and features 44 modern apartment units and almost 24,000 SF of retail space. The site underwent extensive clearing, grading, and utility installation, including SRP, communication, water, sewer, storm, and retention tanks. A 2,500 SF restaurant shell and tenant improvement was constructed for the full-service restaurant, Cocina Chiwas.

This groundbreaking development has more than 150 parking spaces welcoming retail shoppers, overnight guests, and community visitors and prioritizes residents in architectural design with beautifully designed brick pavers and tree installation for shaded walkways

In addition, extensive right-of-way work along Apache Boulevard resulted in new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and streetlights. The project also includes a vibrant paseo area with art shade structures, fostering a welcoming space for farmers’ markets, local vendors, and community events.

“Culdesac Tempe truly is the first of its kind,” said Chance Severns, Senior Project Manager at Wespac Construction, Inc., “We are proud to have been part of this innovative project and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the community.”

Carefully planned native landscaping and clever use of shades and shade structures further enhance the sustainability goals of Culdesac Tempe, contributing to its eco-friendly footprint and creating a visually appealing environment for residents and visitors alike.

Key features of Culdesac Tempe include the gym, a 6,700 SF fitness facility boasting energy-efficient CMU walls, and a steel joist roof covered with TPO for long-lasting durability. The 4,700 SF Market Building spans three levels and features 16 apartment units.

The Hub provides retail space on the first level, including one apartment unit. Levels 2 and 3 offer 28 residential units, further emphasizing the development’s commitment to blending functionality, sustainability, and modern design seamlessly.

Culdesac Tempe sets a new standard for apartment living, demonstrating the potential for environmentally conscious urban development that prioritizes the needs of residents and promotes a vibrant, interconnected community. Owned and developed by Culdesac, and designed by DAVIS and Opticos, the project team is proud to bring this distinctive space to Tempe.


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